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Every customer that is giving legal permission and making decision to buy products or to buy services
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When sending information with e-mails, SMS (text) messages, fax letters or with normal letters to "Archaidios" without any encryption

Do not guarantee that any form of communication or IP connection sent to us will be received, or that
the contents will remain private during transmission. If you are concerned about this, then please
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electronic message or information you send to "Archaidios" is free from any virus (or from any viruses) or defect
that may harm in any way "Archaidios" web-site, "Archaidios" server or any of "Archaidios" site area or "Archaidios"
computers. But remember this. Not necessarily, all the public documents (public
information) you are transmitting are not always confidential.

You may also send your information or send your letters with regural or with insured mail posts (consider using insurance services, if possible), if you want.
But be aware that nowadays any mail posts from anyone can be stolen and fallen to wrong connections and read normally by anyone.

You understand by these terms and conditions of use that certain responsibilities are not
for "Archaidios" or are not for "Archaidios" workers and are not for "Archaidios" members and
not either necessary sometimes yours who are transmitting information to "Archaidios", because
"man-in-the-middle" connection can be a real guilty connection for stealing confidential
information or spoken or written words from transmission(s)
"Archaidios" or "Archaidios" members does not take any responsibility of others
misconclusions or misinterpretations. Because these kind misconclusions or
misinterpretations are their very own responsibility.

Personal information when making an order

You have the right to obtain copies of all the personal information that "Archaidios" is holding about you.
If "Archaidios" is holding any normal customer information about you from your bought product(s) or
about your bought service(s) orders.
If "Archaidios" is not holding normal customer information about you.
In this kind of situation you do not have legal right to obtain any confidential copies from "Archaidios"
when there is no copies about you as customer (read, bought product(s) or bought service(s) ).

If there is any personal information that you have send directly via "Archaidios"
from any Internet browser connection, form and proven your identity information to "Archaidios".

Under "the Data Protection legislation" "Archaidios" is reserving the right to charge you reasonable
10 EUR (euros), if you as customer are making second order or if you as customer are making more orders
for your own personal information (one year time period from "Archaidios", reference "" server private area).

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Other businesses

In addition, "Archaidios" provide links to the sites of affiliated companies and certain other legal businesses.

"Archaidios" is not responsible for examining or evaluating, and "Archaidios" do not warrant
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Important legal notification. "Archaidios" members are not
bind under to any corporation software licenses that "Archaidios" (or "Archaidios" members) are
temporarily using during a limited time period or what errors these other corporation software
licenses can cause or may cause. "Archaidios" is able to uninstall any search engines
licenses or software licenses or any licenses away from our "Archaidios" (or "Archaidios" members)
use, so that license or licenses terms are then invalid. "Archaidios" is allowed to install any software
license or licenses and then again uninstall license (or licenses) away. If "Archaidios" is deciding to act so.

"Archaidios" (nor "Archaidios" members) are not bind under to
any corporation reseller (resellers) or seller (sellers) agent agreement
or any other agreement during a limited time period when reselling or
selling product(s) or service(s). "Archaidios" ("Archaidios" members)
are always free to resign any reseller (or resellers) contract or
any agreement contract, if "Archaidios" is deciding to act so.

These reseller (resellers) or any other, during a limited time period agreements does
not bind "Archaidios" ("Archaidios" members or "Archaidios" workers) to anything in any
country area Internationally and all of it's members are free of charges and "Archaidios"
("Archaidios" members) is not responsible to pay anything (or is responsible not to pay with
any kind of service) to anyone or to any corporation.

"Archaidios" ("Archaidios" members) does not assume any responsibility or liability for
the actions, product(s), or content of all these and any other third parties or
any individual persons. You should review (or to read) their privacy statements
and other terms conditions of use. "Archaidios" ("Archaidios" members) or any "Archaidios"
worker is not responsible paying for any errors caused from the other individual
users or from any the other companies.

Copyrights and all rights reserved by "Archaidios" and registered trademark rights for "Archaidios" ("Karri, Nepponen")

Archaidios (all "Archaidios" members) are reserving internationally
and locally all legal rights that are legally possible in any country area.

No any other business corporation or company nor any country government authority
or any country government agency cannot take "Archaidios" registered trademark or
any legal rights away with any written contract or with any electrical contract nor
with any electrical Internet written contract because * it's automatically cancelled
with these "Archaidios" and Terms and Conditions of Use to be illegal contract or document
"against", "Archaidios" registered trademark, legal rights in any kind of situation (also
cancelled when experienced "force majeure", situation(s) for example, unexpected unemployed reasons).

If you have temporarily tried to take away illegally in any means "Archaidios" registered trademark
or "Archaidios" legal rights to your corporation or to any government connection. You should know
that you are responsible party to pay your crimes or misconclusions or false judgements financially
back for "Archaidios" (for "Archaidios", CEO) or in the cases where you have stolen financially
valuable information from "Archaidios" (like "Archaidios" financially valuable idea concepts or
"Archaidios" financially valuable ideas from "Archaidios, CEO") you should send your financial payments
for "Archaidios" private server area reference "", back to real owner of "Archaidios, CEO".
Because "Archaidios" is holding all the rights and registered trademark rights all the time
even when experienced "force majeure" situation(s), for example unexpected unemployed reasons.
In this situation "Archaidios, CEO" is key holder for all of these legal rights.

"Archaidios" ("Archaidios" members) are owning completely and fully 100 %
intellectual property rights for what they have written with freedom of
speech for any confidential reports or for any confidential reports
internationally or locally any where, at any time.

"Archaidios" ("Archaidios" members) physical human rights and "Archaidios" members
physical humans are protected internationally every where and in every
country area. You may not commit any serious crime or crimes against human rights
or against any rights what "Archaidios" ("Archaidios" members)
are already possessing. You may not present any serious set up lies and you
may not present any serious misconclusions and you may not make any serious
misconclusions against "Archaidios" or you may not use "Archaidios" company name by
any means of trying to set up "Archaidios" to make "Archaidios" look like a suspect one.
"Archaidios" company rights are already protected locally, internationally and globally
anywhere and everywhere

"Archaidios" ("Archaidios" members) are owning completely and
fully 100 % physical property rights, intellectual property rights
with registered trademark rights and financial property rights what they
are already owning or what they will financially come to own.

"Archaidios" therefore reserves the rights and registered trademark rights all the
time to make changes at any time without notice and without incurring any
obligation. If "Archaidios" ("Archaidios" members) (even when experienced "force majeure"
situation or for example unexpected unemployed situations) has conducted
financially valuable work services for any companies or for government (for governments)
or for government areas. These legal connections are then obligated financially to pay for
"Archaidios" ("Archaidios" members) (also when "Archaidios" member or "Archaidios" members are
unemployed). "Archaidios" is not obligated to work free for any companies or is not obligated to
work for free for government (or any government) connections, globally.

Internationally no any other government authorities nor any other business or any
business, software business, security software business or search engine business or
any other unknown businesses is not therefore legalized to steal any "Archaidios" registered trademark
intellectual property rights, or physical property rights, or financial property rights or any legal
rights or confidentiality rights, nor human rights away from "Archaidios" ("Archaidios, CEO", "Archaidios" members)
and not even any search engine or feedback words should not be misinterpreted easily
or should not be stolen away from "Archaidios" or "Archaidios" members by any other businesses or
by any other means that is "against" "Archaidios" company ("Archaidios" members) or "Archaidios" personnel
free will or "against" "Archaidios" company legal written given permissions.
Even search engine words are therefore confidential information (for private trusted use).
Same goes to "Archaidios" confidential and private "freedom of speech" feedback(s), these rights
are always fully owned by "Archaidios" ("Archaidios" members).
Internationally or locally any government authorities nor any other businesses may not commit any kind of
crime "against" "Archaidios" ("Archaidios, CEO", "Archaidios" members) normal human rights or "may not hurt"
"nor humiliate" "Archaidios" ("Archaidios, CEO", "Archaidios" members) human rights or legal rights.

Any government authorities nor any other businesses may not misuse information what
"Archaidios" ("Archaidios, CEO" or "Archaidios" members) are possessing or are holding.
"Archaidios" ("Archaidios, CEO", "Archaidios members") has not given any kind of
permission to use free ways "Archaidios" ideas or idea concepts, or "Archaidios" company name
(for example, similiar name to "Archaidios" company name) or product innovations or service innovations
or written reports or any "Archaidios" registered trademark, financially valuable, intellectual property.

"Archaidios" company has not given any permission to use written words from "Archaidios" or freedom of speech
speeches or reports from "Archaidios" private areas or from privately rented or leased private property areas
(private cars) that are rented (or owned, or registered with by name, or was owned, or was leased) by "Archaidios"
("Archaidios, CEO" or "Archaidios, members").

"Archaidios" ("Archaidios members") are owning fully these registered trademark intellectual property rights.
If you are stealing confidential information ideas or idea concepts, freedom of speech speeches, innovations
feedback(s) or privately written words or private search engine words away from "Archaidios" or
away from "Archaidios" members. You should know that "Archaidios" rights and human rights are already
fully protected internationally and locally.

You are legally and voluntary responsible to pay certain sum of money or financial money resources that "Archaidios"
have defined with confidential crime reports, when you have stolen confidential, or private or even privately intimate
information from "Archaidios" ("Archaidios, CEO", "Archaidios" members). With legal tortious claim for compensation.
It's "Archaidios" ("Archaidios, CEO") freedom of speech, free will recommendation to pay these kind of claims for
compensations for "Archaidios" ("Archaidios, CEO") with financial money resources, with real money and only for "Archaidios, CEO" use.

Possible internet abuse or other possible crimes against Archaidios company

If you have committed too many continued serious crimes "against" "Archaidios"
or any of "Archaidios" members or "Archaidios" workers like for instance invading "Archaidios", "Archaidios, CEO"
or "Archaidios" members (even when experienced "force majeure", situation(s) or for example unexpected unemployed
situations) intimate privacy, spying against "Archaidios" company, "man-in-the-middle" Internet and
communication crimes stealing information and sharing information illegally to other not trusted people without
any written permission from "Archaidios", or Internet abuse spoken insults or written insults, or false rumours
or lies "against" "Archaidios" ("Archaidios, CEO", "Archaidios" members) or "Archaidios" company workers that can cause
or may cause illegal harm or suffering to any of "Archaidios" company workers or "Archaidios" members (personnel)
or "Archaidios, CEO", or intentional criminal accidents or planned accidents, technical
harassment, or any offensive behaviour with traffic harassment, unauthorized movements in
confidential "Archaidios" company area or around "Archaidios" private areas (properties, cars).
Or any commercial airplane companies offensive behaviour with flying segments above in certain GPS coordination
private property area, or remote office private property area or office area or commercial airplane companies
possible irrational flight routes that has caused (or may have caused) around "Archaidios" private property area
visual harassment, or has caused environmental pollution, like for example minor damage around "Archaidios" private
property area or has caused noise damage or any kind of damage "against" "Archaidios"
or some kind of health damage, "against" "Archaidios", "Archaidios, CEO", "Archaidios" members os "Archaidios" workers.
Violent or vandalism crimes that has caused some kind of health damage, "against" "Archaidios"
"Archaidios, CEO", "Archaidios" members, "Archaidios" workers or financial "con" "against"
"Archaidios" or any other crimes "against" Archaidios company or if you have broken
secrecy and confidentiality rules "against" "Archaidios" company, "Archaidios, CEO", "Archaidios" members, "Archaidios" workers
or for example spying illegally "Archaidios" and in the situation when crime reports are still valid.
You are legally and voluntary responsible to pay certain sum of money that "Archaidios" or "Archaidios, CEO"
have defined from "Archaidios" crime reports with legal tortious claim for compensation.
You are still responsible to pay your compensation with money for "Archaidios" ("Archaidios, CEO") in the situations
when you are civilian or member of any other legal corporation or member of any organization.

You may not take illegally photos (pixel, pixels, dot, dots, confidential information), pictures, picture pixels, picture dots
pixel(s) or dot(s) from "Archaidios" or from "Archaidios, CEO" or from "Archaidios" members, persons, personnel or
from "Archaidios" workers or from "Archaidios, CEO" or from "Archaidios" cars, devices, camera devices
or from "Archaidios" security installations, or from "Archaidios" equipment(s), tool(s), object(s) or from
"Archaidios" private property department(s) or from "Archaidios" houses, where ever these "Archaidios" objects
(or "Archaidios" personnel) are globally. You may not illegally pinpoint "against" "Archaidios, CEO", "Archaidios" members
or "Archaidios" workers, or "Archaidios" personnel with any kind flashlight(s) or with any other devices that may cause
any kind of minor harm or may cause harm or suffering "against" "Archaidios, CEO", "Archaidios" members, "Archaidios" workers
or "Archaidios" personnel or that may cause even minor damage "against" "Archaidios" security
installations or "against" "Archaidios" camera devices, because it's a real crime "against", "Archaidios"
or "against" "Archaidios, CEO" or "against" "Archaidios" members or "against" "Archaidios" workers
or "against" "Archaidios" personnel (even when "Archaidios" members or "Archaidios, CEO" is unemployed).

You may not illegally publish any photos (pixel, pixels, dot, dots, confidential information) taken from "Archaidios, CEO"
or from "Archaidios" members or from "Archaidios" workers or from "Archaidios" objects anywhere or misuse photos
(for instance try to set up "Archaidios" with false reasons or with false rumours or with false claims) with any of these photos.
You may not publish any photos from "Archaidios" (pixel, pixels, dot, dots information) with
public servers, or with any public computers or with public servers, TV (DigiTV or Wireless DigiTV)
radio (or Wireless Radio) or with any public media channels globally (internationally), because
it's crime "against" "Archaidios" or "against" "Archaidios, CEO" or "against" "Archaidios" members or
against "Archaidios" workers or "against" "Archaidios" personnel (even when "Archaidios" members or "Archaidios, CEO" is unemployed).

Public or for other use taken photos from "Archaidios" that may cause minor humiliation or may cause
minor suffering "against" "Archaidios" or "Archaidios, CEO" or "against" "Archaidios" members or against
"Archaidios" workers or "against" "Archaidios" personnel, is not allowed and it's crime "against" "Archaidios"
(even when experienced "force majeure", situations, or even when "Archaidios" members or "Archaidios, CEO" is unemployed).

You may not illegally record or data record any voices, speeches, written speeches, voice streaming, or any
confidential information live streaming from "Archaidios" or from "Archaidios, CEO" or from "Archaidios" members
or from "Archaidios" workers or from "Archaidios" personnel and you may not use this kind of data recorded information
for instance to try to set up "Archaidios" with false reasons and with false claims or with misunderstanding or with misconclusions)
where ever these Archaidios personnel members or "Archaidios" object(s) are at this moment, globally or internationally
(even when experienced "force majeure", situations or even when "Archaidios" members or "Archaidios, CEO" is unemployed).

Voices, voice information, speeches, voice streaming or any other live information streaming
that may cause misunderstanding, misconclusions, humiliation or suffering "against" "Archaidios"
"Archaidios, CEO" or "Archaidios" members is not allowed and it's crime "against" "Archaidios"
"Archaidios, CEO" or "Archaidios" members and "against" "Archaidios" workers or "against" "Archaidios"
personnel (even when experienced "force majeure", situations or even when "Archaidios" members or "Archaidios, CEO" is unemployed).

You may not illegally publish any Archaidios voices, speeches, written speeches with freedom of speech, voice streaming
or any information live streaming from "Archaidios", "Archaidios, CEO" or from "Archaidios" members or from "Archaidios" workers
or from "Archaidios" personnel globally or internationally, because it's crime "against" "Archaidios".
"Archaidios" may present with "freedom of speech" legally a formal charge of wrongdoing "towards" other possible outsider members
if these other outsider members are keeping on doing crimes "against" "Archaidios" and if "they" do not pay their claim for
compensation voluntary for "Archaidios, CEO", or for "Archaidios" members or for "Archaidios" workers, or for "Archaidios" personnel
(even when experienced "force majeure", situations or even when "Archaidios" members or "Archaidios, CEO" is unemployed).

(Notice that "Archaidios" may legally with "freedom of speech" take or record photos, record voices and speeches
for normal family use and normal living use and for normal insurance use (or for insurance use as normal evidence)
or to record family voices or to record photos and or to record photos and to record voices for
private inside use and to record photos and to record voices for own private use only, and for
insurance use from "Archaidios" for instance to protect our private properties or private devices or to protect
"Archaidios, CEO" or to protect "Archaidios" members or to protect "Archaidios" workers or to protect "Archaidios" personnel.
(even when experienced "force majeure", situations or even when "Archaidios" members or "Archaidios, CEO" is unemployed).

Force majeure

If Archaidios (CEO, members, workers, or personnel) has experienced unexpectedly small or serious "force majeure" situation(s)
or is having a lawful excuse (for example "temporarily, incapable of moving, unable because of
small or serious handicap") or because of outsiders, "Archaidios" has experienced few difficult crimes
and "force majeure" situation(s) and if this "force majeure" situation has caused financial problems
"against" "Archaidios" company or has caused any other kind of problems "against" "Archaidios" ("Archaidios, CEO")
from other parties, or from third parties, or from other corporations or from other companies, or from government
(or from governments) or from other organizations or from other individual persons.

"Archaidios" (CEO, members, workers or personnel) is not then bind under any government nor
any businesses Terms and Conditions of Use actions when times are difficult (having a lawful excuse)
because of "force majeure" situation. "Archaidios" is then legally set free from any government
(or from any governments) and from any other businesses obligations and regulations (even when
experienced "force majeure" situations or even when "Archaidios" members or "Archaidios, CEO" is unemployed).

Experienced force majeure situation(s) can mean or may mean for "Archaidios" that "Archaidios"
or "Archaidios, CEO" may have to financially and legally to recover and legally to secure "Archaidios"
company financial position with help of governments (or with help of government agencies) or with help
of other businesses or with help of banks.

Copyright complaints

Archaidios and it's affiliates respect the intellectual property
of others. If you believe that your personal work or file has been copied
in a way that constitutes copyright infringement.

Remember Internet (all of these search engines) are full of public free reference sources
free URL reference sources and public free reference files and public reference files that are
open reference information for any individual person or for open for any public company to use.
Means public URL referencde sources are not necessary encrypted for any kind of company use (or for any person use)
with real contracts, from different kind of companies.

With these terms and conditions of use. Who ever you are or from what ever
corporation you are from. You understand that and "Archaidios" is always locally
globally, internationally and financially free from any copyright complaints.
Archaidios (CEO, members, workers, personnel or even unemployed members or personnel)
do not necessary Agree all the time with all these digital (updated) terms of conditions
of use from different kind of companies or from government (or from governments) and
therefore "Archaidios" is free and able to "cancel" automatically other companies or
other governments digitally written suspicious agreements or false documents
in any where at any time, or automatically without no given reasons
or with no any given reclamation(s). These agreements are therefore "invalid agreements" for "Archaidios"
and for all "Archaidios" (CEO, members, workers, personnel, or even for unemployed members)
(even when experienced "force majeure", situations or even when "Archaidios" members or
"Archaidios, CEO" is temporarily unemployed.

Archaidios Registered information and updated Personal data files.

Archaidios and security services terms In Finnish

Archaidios "Tietoturvapalvelu toimeksiantosopimus", "Yleiset sopimusehdot"
Vain rajoitettu vahingonkorvaus (vanhentuneissa ostotilauksissa ei voimassa oikeudellisesti) (tiedosto ".PDF")

Huomautus "Archaidios" yhtiöstä toimitusjohtaja "Karri, Nepponen" on havainnut, että vuosi 2008 väliviiva vuosi 2015
jotkut toiset nuoret mies henkilöt on lähettäneet hetkellisesti "sosiaalisia huijauskirjeitä", jotka ei ole olleet koskaan lainvoimaisia.

Havaittu siten, että jotkut toiset nuoret mies henkilöt on oikeuden nimissä joskus kirjoittaneet "ei lainvoimaisia" "sosiaalisia huijauskirjeitä"
joten jos havaitsette tällaisia "ainoastaan vähäisiä", "ei lainvoimaisia" oikeuden nimissä kirjoitettuja aiheettomia "sosiaalisia huijauskirjeitä"
pyydämme kohteliaasti "Archaidios" yhtiöstä, että "kumoatte" mitätöimällä aiheettomat "sosiaaliset huijauskirjeet"
esimerkiksi yksinkertaisesti, tuhoamalla aiheettomat ei lainvoimaiset "sosiaaliset huijauskirjeet" paperisilppurissa.

Päivitetty tiedote ilmaisu, 6.8.2017.

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