The establishment of the company Archaidios and values

Originally, the name of the Archaidios company has been formed by
applying the following words and their semantic contexts: the
Latin word arca, i.e. "a square box", and the word
"archi" (Greek arkhe "the beginning, the power and the head")
which is (in the end) again connected to the meaning "archi".

[Greece, 'Aphrodite' symbol from "Archaidios" year 2001 site means, 'Venus']

Based on these semantic connections, the small business amazingly received the
name Archaidios, with the following basic value pillars,

Pillar I

New innovative and advanced small business operations.

Pillar II

The power and responsibility status of a business in
society, at best promoting and supporting ethical social values.

Pillar III

Confidential business operations for the benefit of the clients;
in other words, the clients' orders and confidential information
are protected with a confidentiality agreement in accordance
with Finnish legislation, * only, whenever or if the client considers
it necessary in defined confidential contract agreement.

Pillar IV

Individual service, caring for the client's individual wishes by
serving or carrying or delivering, small work with due diligence.

Pillar V

High quality of the work and services, individuality
in areas of expertise in which we are strong and motivated.

Pillar VI

Proportioning activity to efficient productivity.

Pillar VII

Growth ability with a reasonable price level.

Pillar VIII

Network and comprehensive relationships between reliable business partners or between government.

Pillar IX

The strategy of self management in business operations,

A.) understanding the perspective
B.) understanding the purpose
C.) understanding the individuality
D.) understanding the planning
E.) understanding productivity

Unfortunately at this moment temporarily closed after 31.3.2010.

Financial sponsors from corporations, from companies, from associations are welcome to financially
sponsor promote, "Archaidios", "Karri Nepponen" ("1737350-8") business working opportunities, as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding that "Karri, Nepponen" is needing sponsored financing in year 2018 and in year 2019.

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