Archaidios was established at September 2001. Archaidios is dedicated to
the selling of IT data security software, IT-software, IT-production services, programming services, IT-hardware,
PC computers, safety equipment, security, "Private Investigator" and guard services or differet kind of products.

In addition, consultation is offered for solving data security and safety
problems, and for comprehensive prevention, including the analysis and safety
mapping of any possible hazards, threats, and risks near your work environment.

The business operations of Archaidios are primarily concentrated within whole Finland area and in EU area
as a result e-commerce and other types of sales and mediation work.

Archaidios concentrates on reselling high-quality safety and
data security products and comprehensive data security solutions made by international
safety, data security, and security companies.

The safety product category includes, among other things, the following products:
burglar alarms, fire alarms, gas leak alarms and other expandable burglar control
systems. In connection with the sales of these physical devices. Archaidios
also provides safety consulting.

The following product categories are related to data security software and
hardware anti-virus, firewall, IP-address tracing, data- and GSM-encryption
data confirmation, anonymous, Internet data security software and other types
of software, along with voltage protection, UPS- and other IT-safety equipment
designed to protect sensitive or confidential information.

The products sold also include physical firewall and router devices.
For some, products we also provide the customer with data security consultation
and installation and software update service in connection with the sales of the products.

Archaidios Vision

As the first starting point, Archaidios has asked itself
and its clients the following SIX questions.

1. What kind of data security and safety is offered, and to whom?

2. Which things and targets should be protected or secured, and 'towards' whom?

3. How to prevent the illicit copying and manipulation of valuable information?

4. How to prevent the spreading of confidential information in advance?

5. Can lost or destroyed data be retrieved?

6. Can one nowadays completely trust information that one
reads or information that is spread in public (truthfulness)?

Solutions to safety and data security problems

A Personal physical property and protection

Safety equipment can be used to protect physical property efficiently. Protection and shelter
for the property, business property, cabins, cars, computers, technical
devices, goods and other valuables.

Which services or products does the company offer as safety solutions?

For the above-mentioned safety problems, Archaidios provides its
clients with high-quality reliable safety devices that are accepted by insurance
companies approved such as burglar alarms
fire alarms (which today is an indispensable acquisition for the property), gas leak
alarms and control cameras (to protect physical property).

Furthermore, Archaidios assists its clients in drawing up a safety plan, in
installing and the initial use of the equipment. Instructions on the use of
the equipment can also be given on-site.

B Personal abstract data property and its protection

The protection of abstract data property involves all private information
(valuable personal information, personal issues, which can be "immensely valuable"
such as the so-called "intellectual property". Intellectual property includes
personal ideas, inventions, patent contracts, concepts, individual knowledge and know-how.

Notice: the value of information is also proportional to work completed, which makes
applied information a concrete result of work, which can be defined as capital corresponding to
a certain sum of money. This increases the concrete value of information.

Valuable business information: the operational strategy of a business, the knowledge
in a business (includes personnel), product development information, production
information, administrative information, marketing information and sensitive client information.

Nowadays lost or stolen data can easily fall into the hands of unauthorised persons
after which it can be manipulated (distorted to become incorrect) and then be spread
further to people who are unaware of the real origin of the data.

All information you find on the Internet or from unreliable sources
is not necessarily true. Therefore, it is particularly important to receive
all information (distorted lies) critically and first find out its real truth value.

You can easily prevent the spreading of abstract information
by using the right methods and software solutions.

Which services or products does the company offer as data security and security solutions?

We offer for sale high-quality data security products and solutions based on them
designed by international data security and security companies or groups.

As data security products: firewall, encryption, IP-tracing anonymous and anti-virus
software and other available software products and firewall and router equipment in
connection with data networks, the product category also includes voltage
protection, UPS and other types of IT safety equipment.

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